Data Intensive Applications

Take a data-first approach to designing your operational systems.


Establish a central hub for your core operational processes integrating data across all systems within your organisation. Enable in-flight analytics and reporting, scale your complex data processing needs and provide a superior user experience with role-based contextual workflows.

Our highly specialised team of UX designers, Business Process analysts and Software Architects will help you select, design and implement a “data-first” platform that meets your integration and user experience needs.

Enable Data-Driven Processes
  • Establish integration between systems to streamline workflow and improve data integrity
  • Design your application for downstream reporting and analytics needs
  • Infuse AI to enrich data, automate workflows and drive personalisation
  • Enable Data at Scale
    • Embed real-time analytics and reporting
    • Manage complex analysis and processing pipelines for life sciences and engineering
    • Monitor traffic using streaming data from devices and applications
    Persona-Centred Design
    • Clearly identify the success factors for your people and processes
    • Drive user adoption and fluency using best-practices and a collaborative design approach
    • Enable targeted role-centric workflows

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