Self-service research platform on Azure

Research without limitations.


Today’s research institutions, medical centers, and research labs are looking for agility, easier management and access to enhanced resources and capacity to enable the increased demand for next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Our cloud-based platform gives users autonomy to deploy their own compute and storage resources, by enabling infrastructure teams to make use of a rich catalogue of solutions available in the cloud to create powerful tailored offerings, while controlling costs.

BizData's experienced team of Research Solution specialists will help you implement a production-ready environment that enables researchers, academics and students across the organization to make use of a targeted catalogue of cloud capabilities, including Azure’s advanced infrastructure for high performance computing and scaled analytics.

With a range of pre-installed analytics tools and intelligence tools such as R, Python, Jupyter, SparkR, Power BI Desktop, H2O,Rattle, Vowpal Wabbit, TensorFlow, and Caffe, our platform will allow you to analyze your data seamlessly.

Quickly uncover new opportunities by decreasing the time to analyze genomic data, enabling larger studies and a wider research scope. Overcome existing infrastructure bottlenecks with Azure's hyper-scale cloud infrastructure, providing a cost-effective, trusted, and high-performance platform for genomics workloads. Enjoy sustainable storage and processing power that flexes with demand, while utilizing advanced analytics capabilities. Azure offers faster, affordable analysis with supercomputing and storage resources, allowing independent researchers and institutions to use existing tools, applications, and workflow managers for efficient data processing and analysis.

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