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Our Technology Solutions

Delivering relevant, reliable and timely data access is a never ending challenge of keeping up with changing business conditions. It’s also increasingly difficult to provide access to a growing number of data sources and exploding data volumes, as business users seek to meet very tight decision making timeframes.

BizData's solutions enable clients to expedite their ability to access data, analyse it, share insights and most importantly take action in a timely way.

Businesses often have access to a myriad of visualisation tools but lack a framework to utilise them to correctly cater to different audiences. This often results in an overflowing library of reports and dashboards that are not context aware, are not clearly actionable, and as a result are often rarely used.

BizData deliver an engagement framework that streamlines information delivery by identifying information needs of different stakeholders including:

  • Suitable presentation formats
  • Options for delivery of visualisations on-premises and in the cloud, and in different formats (e.g. Large Screens, Mobiles, Tablets)
  • Self-Service and Analytic needs

With specialist expertise in Microsoft BI, BizData provide best practice guidance of:

  • Layout design of Scorecards, Analytical Dashboards, Reports and Alerts
  • Self-Service Data Models and Data Mashups
  • How to leverage Power BI , SQL Server, Reporting Services, Datazen, MS Excel and SharePoint BI.

To address the needs to analyse big data, complex relationships or overlay data on real-world spatial maps and diagrams, BizData brings practical in-depth experience of developing custom visuals using D3, which can be readily published to Power BI for reuse.

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Delivering a Single Enterprise-wide Portal for report consumption and connecting to data allows an organisation to establish a corporate knowledge base and an improved self-service experience.

BizData delivers a turnkey framework for SharePoint 2013 (Perspective - Enterprise BI Portal) that features:

  • A single catalogue for all visualisation across on-premises and cloud visualisation tools
  • Business Term based discovery
  • Role-based suggestions
  • Commentary capture
  • Meta-Data driven security policies for report access
  • Publishing framework to control report visibility

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Social Media is too significant a source of customer and market insight for most businesses to treat in isolation of their internal business analytics with the ability to drive key decisions on:

  • Digital Advertising Effectiveness
  • Consumer Sentiment
  • Product and Service Design

However, it can be challenging to create an integrated view faced with:

  • Disconnected web analytics tools that do not provide a holistic view of the digital channel
  • Disconnected business data which can make it difficult to correlate social trends with financial performance
  • Difficult to handle formats, speed of data updates and data integrity issues

BizData have developed a turnkey framework that solves these challenges enabling big data processing and integration with traditional data sources without the typical complexity of building a system from the ground up.

Using the Vigil - Social Analytics Accelerator, marketing staff can use a web interface to select which social media sources to connect to, and which tags and handles to monitor. The framework automatically creates a real-time data feed into dashboards that integrate with line of business data, providing a truly actionable view of a business's digital channel activity.

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All Business Intelligence environments rely on some form of manually captured data that reflects judgements and decisions that take place in an organisation. Examples include:

  • Forecasts and Targets/Budgets
  • Assumptions (e.g. interest rates, decay rates, seasonal adjustments)
  • What-If scenarios

Typically data captured in spreadsheets is difficult to integrate with other systems, collection from multiple staff is time consuming to consolidate, approval processes take too long, and core systems do not allow capture of data at the right granularity.

Such problems are not limited to only financial budgeting and planning. Often there are planning scenarios for Marketing and Sales, Operations, Workforce Management and Procurement that require modelling of key drivers that will affect volumes and values, with input from a wide variety of staff.

Ultimately every part of a business needs to forecast the demand and supply for resources in order to avoid missed opportunities.

BizData has extensive experience implementing planning models for a wide range of business scenarios. Leveraging Kepion, BizData can provide an extremely cost-effective budgeting and planning solution, whilst leveraging a customer's investment in the Microsoft BI Platform.

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A Data Warehouse built in the right way can be a key strategic asset for the business by simplifying data management, ensuring better data quality and enabling better business insight.

However, building a Data Warehouse too slowly, with overly complex data processing pipelines and housed on the wrong infrastructure tends to drive unnecessary cost and questionable business value.

With this in mind BizData have created a Rapid Data Warehouse Deployment framework which allows customers to quickly establish a resilient Data Warehouse environment and progressively extend it with each new business process area.

Core features of this unique deployment service include:

  • Simplified Data Processing Pipelines using Perspective Data Governor
  • Faster Data Processing by implementing Azure SQL DW (part of the Cortana Analytics Suite) / Analytics Platform System
  • Better Business Adoption by using an engagement framework to ensure requirements are gathered in a timely manner and easily translated into a reusable data model

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AI for Business allows businesses to create smarter data driven processes.

Typical scenarios include:

  • Customer Engagement (enriching the context of communication with customers)
  • Operational Tracking (providing a real-time view of business operations)
  • Internet Of Things (collecting data from devices to provide readily actionable information)

BizData provides an end-to-end service to establish real-time intelligent systems covering data logistics, analytics and visualisation, and integration with existing applications.

BizData are experts in Cortana Analytics and the IoT Suite, leveraging the following core functional components:

  • Perceptual Intelligence (facial, speech, and text recognition API development)
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Data Streaming (Event Hub Stream Analytics and HD Insight - Storm)
  • Visualisation (Power BI, D3 custom development)

Migrating to a Cloud Platform can quickly enable a new business initiative or be as part of a broader strategy to remove the traditional inflexibility of running internal IT infrastructure.

Key reasons that organisations move to the cloud include:

  • Reduction in infrastructure capital and management costs
  • Speed of onboarding new services
  • Flexibility to scale up and down to meet computing and storage needs

BizData provides specialist expertise in configuration and migration services to enable businesses to target the business benefits of leveraging cloud services covering:

  • Hosting Business Applications
  • Backup and Storage
  • Identity Management
  • Advanced Analytics and Data Management

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Relevant and timely offers to customers across all touchpoints is a key way of leveraging data for marketing and sales. Whether generating an email based on a transaction or enquiry, or dynamically presenting different banner ads or landing pages on a customer facing website, the common need of the digital age is to leverage an understanding of customer behaviour to provide a recommendation in the context of a customer interaction.

Leveraging RedPoint Marketing Automation Software , BizData provides a single, easy-to-use solution to manage personalisation decisions across all inbound and outbound channels in real-time.

RedPoint features a user interface that seamlessly connects to traditional data warehouses as well as unstructured data sources to enable:

  • Dynamic Segmentation Rules to define audiences
  • Complex Campaign Selections
  • Campaign Contact and Response History Tracking
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Configuration and scheduling of Channel communications across email, social, mobile, direct mail and web interactions

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