Our Services

Analytics and Strategy

Quickly retrieve, explore and generate automated responses to data generated by software applications or machines.

Understand where your information delivery pain points are and how they can be addressed over time.

Embed automated recommendations into key operational systems to improve real-time decision support.

Create visually compelling answers to key questions and regular tracking of key performance indicators.

Identify patterns in historical data that will drive recommendations of future actions.

Data Integration and Management

Present data in easy to understand business terms and which is convenient to report and analyse.

Implement systems that make data quality exceptions transparent and creating a call to action to the appropriate staff to resolve.

Configure hardware and software to meet performance targets and ongoing management needs.

Create robust automated processes to source and transform data from mulitple systems.

Simplify the analysis of your business across functions by creating a single point of reference across muliple systems which retains historical information.

Financial Governance and Planning

Provide visibility of lead indicators and physical/external drivers of financial outcomes

Track key perfomance indicators and implementing auditable controls that are mandated by legislation and governing bodies.

Improve accuracy and the speed of cycle times for budgets to be submitted.

Enable finance departments to run a faster end of month close, providing ealier iterations of reliable results through the month to better plan accruals.

Provide a central framework to accomodate changes in business structure in reporting and planning systems.

Portals and Intelligent Systems

Experience your data instead of just seeing it. Interactive dashboards, drill throughs and collaboration on any mobile device.

Enable your outbound workforce to gain timely access to information and remain connected to internal systems.

Convert your paper-based processes to streamlined online business processes, with built-in checks and balances.

Create a single point of access for information and applications. Linking internal process and content to outward facing interactions with customers, partners and suppliers in a secure way.

Training and Mentoring

Arrange onsite training for a group as small as 2 or 3 students, all of our available training courses can be customised to meet your individual company needs.

Attend our Public Training classrooms where we combine presentation style delivery with practical labs so that your staff has the opportunity to apply theory to practice without having to leave the room.

Empower your team with the necessary skills to maintain and grow their company BI capabilities. By working on specific issues affecting you, our Mentors blend hands-on practical assistance with instruction.

Cloud Platform

Migrate your entire infrastructure to a private or public cloud, or extend your on-premise environment to provide more flexible capacity.

Connect you staff with a modern suite of collaboration tools that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Provide a secure and simple way for stafff to access corporate applications with a single login.

Enable your employees access to corporate applications, data and resources from almost any device, while helping to keep corporte information secure.