Training: Power BI

Getting started with Desktop Analytics: Power BI.


The fundamentals of analytics with Power BI encompass two core capabilities, understanding the importance of good data preparation and modelling, and then applying best practice data visualisation techniques to ensure you tell the right story to the right audience.

We have dedicated full day training sessions focused on each of these concepts which can be taken as a series, or as stand alone subjects.

Part One: Data preparation and Modelling

The foundation of any successful data visualisation implementation is the data model it is built on. This comprehensive one-day, introductory course focuses on the importance of understanding your data, exploring different data modelling techniques, Power BI Governance best practices and more. Practical labs give you the opportunity to work through real-world examples and better understand the available options in Power BI. Core labs cover:

  • Data Preparation + Power Query
  • Data Schemas and relationships
  • Measures and Columns, understanding DAX
  • Report Canvas Basics

If you currently work with data in Excel or other analytical tools and create report visualisations then this training day is for you.

Part Two: Data Visualisation

The art of story-telling with any data visualisation tool is far more than simply adding a few charts on a page. You want to ensure each dashboard is fit-for-purpose, designed for the right audience, provides insight and is brought together in a meaningful way.

Our unique Data Visualisation in Power BI course focuses on advanced visualisation techniques and best practice design concepts. Practical, hands-on labs cover:

  • Storytelling with Data
  • Advanced Visualisation Techniques and when to apply them
  • Interactivity
Who is it for?

This module is targeted at anyone looking to get more hands-on with their data: analysts, report developers and data scientists.

Next Steps

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