Training options to meet all your analytics requirements.


Our vision is to help every person use the right data at the right time.

Analytics is a way of working with data that applies to everyone, from the business manager to the infrastructure engineer. Our focus is to provide practical skills to people looking to increase their ability to self-serve their own information needs or those of their team, and start to add value to their organisation with advanced analytics.

Training Courses.

Our unique courses will help you understand and overcome the challenges many organisations face in getting value out of analytics. In an interactive workshop format, you will review best practice principles to set up your organisation for success with data. Covering practical, real-life scenarios we offer specialised training covering Analytics, Power BI, Python, Azure Machine Learning and more.

Analytics Basics.

Establishing an Operating Model
This module outlines the key features of an operating model such as setting Investment Priorities, Defining Roles and Responsibilities and Managing Data Governance.
Analytical Problem Solving
This module will help arm you with the fundamentals of problem-solving using data. Focused on the techniques to break down your business questions and apply different analytics techniques.
Operationalising Analytics
This module takes you through the models, components and tools to give you the building blocks for operational analytics excellence.

Getting Started with Power BI.

Getting started with Desktop Analytics Power BI

Part One: The foundation of any successful data visualisation implementation is the data model it is built on. This comprehensive one-day, introductory course focuses on the importance of understanding your data, exploring different data modelling techniques.

Part Two: The art of story telling with any data visualisation tool is far more than simply adding a few charts on a page. You want to ensure each dashboard is fit-for-purpose, designed for the right audience, provides insight and is brought together in a meaningful way.

Python for Data Science and Deep Learning.

Python for Data Science
A two-day, instructor-led, hands-on learning experience that takes you from the fundamentals of the Python language through to web-deployed machine learning assets.
Practical Deep Learning and Large Language Models with Python and Azure ML
This class introduces the concepts of deep learning for natural language, large language models and image processing. It uses hands-on labs to get you developing advanced machine learning products quickly.

Azure Machine Learning.

Event Detection with Azure Machine Learning
This class includes practical labs utilising Azure Machine Learning, Power BI Desktop and an R Client to demonstrate the lifecycle of designing your first predictive solution.
Grow your customer base with Azure Machine Learning
Building on our introductory course 'Event Detection with Azure Machine Learning', this course focuses on finding more customers who look like your most valuable customers, and recommending the most appropriate products to maximise their value.

Welcome to R.

R for time-series forecasting
Welcome to R. A 2-day instructor led, hands-on session that takes you from an introduction to R to building machine learning data assets to forecast time series data at multiple levels.

How we deliver.

Private Training

Instructor lead, hands-on practical training sessions to lift your data and analytics maturity. Delivered online and scheduled at a time that best suits your team. Private Training is tailored to your organisational requirements, and focuses on your particular data scenarios.

Simply browse our list of available courses below to find those that best suit your organisational requirements.

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