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Azure OpenAI Accelerator

An integrated Azure OpenAI solution that synthesises knowledge across your organisation.

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Revolutionise search, data standardisation, automation, and content creation with Azure OpenAI and GPT

BizData's experienced team of AI and Data Integration specialists will help you implement a production-ready environment that enables staff across your organisation to use a GPT powered AI assistant, trained on your own private corporate knowledge that remains secure within your network.

Introducing an Azure OpenAI solution which presents a centralised metadata catalogue, enabling you to consolidate information from diverse data sources across multiple platforms, categorise, segment, and safeguard corporate data, as well as effectively govern information discovery throughout your organisation. Azure OpenAI empowers you to seamlessly curate, classify, and manage information from a variety of data sources, while maintaining security and facilitating efficient information discovery across the enterprise.

Transform Search & Enable Intelligent Automation

Process text and voice data, automate document analysis and extract relevant information to categorise, summarise and enter data automatically. Enable intelligent automation of customer support via a GPT powered assistant that understands and engages in human-like conversations.
Transform the traditional search experience by offering more accurate, relevant, and personalised results, powered by its enhanced language understanding capabilities.

Our platform simplifies information retrieval, improves data standardisation, automates data entry procedures, and facilitates personalised content creation, all within a secure and governed Azure OpenAI with GPT framework.

Unlocking the Potential of Azure OpenAI & GPT for business.