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A single-view to measure multi-channel marketing campaign effectiveness.

The measurement of overall digital campaign effectiveness across a multitude of online channels is a challenge many Marketing Departments face.

Digital Marketing OneView unifies this into a single view, facilitating the measurement of the return on investment per campaign and against a range of online engagement, conversion and cost-effectiveness targets.

Establish a
Single View
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more in a single hub
  • Automate process of producing campaign dashboards
  • Drill though capability to individual channels and campaigns
Gain Digital
  • Discover which digital channel works best
  • Measure campaign effectiveness against KPIs
  • Better understand digital interaction with your content by campaign
  • Seamlessly integrate with your CRM system
  • Track and measure campaigns against actual sales
Marketing leaders spent more on their websites, digital commerce and digital advertising than on other categories. These top three categories of spend illustrate that, while digital has become integral to all marketing activities, pure digital marketing investments remain a top priority.
- Gartner CMO Spend Survey

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Digital Marketing OneView is the only solution that offers a complete view of all of your online marketing activities.

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Managing Marketing Program Effectiveness
Google Analytics Integration with Enterprise Data Warehouse
Power BI Social and Web Metrics Dashboard

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