Industries we serve

Retail & Utilities


The Retail and Utilities sectors are compelled to differentiate on service offering rather than price. Consumer convenience and service levels are key to attract and retaining customers. They need to use data analytics to help them design and deliver a differentiated customer experience.

We draw on 20 years' of experience with implementation of projects for Manufacturers, Wholesale Trade, Consumer Goods, Telecommunications, Energy and Water Generators, Wholesalers and Retailers.

Network Planning

Effective network planning involves understanding market segmentation and identifying geographic areas with the highest growth potential. By planning the most efficient delivery routes based on customer locations, you can optimise your resources and ensure timely service.

Online Channel Optimisation

Provide online customer recommendations and personalise content based on usage or purchase history. Track the online customer journey to understand most effective referral sources and visits that haven't converted to a sale.

Demand Forecasting

Harnesses the power of machine learning to efficiently estimate future usage or traffic patterns. This process allows you to create what-if scenarios, providing valuable insights into potential reactions to marketing campaigns or pricing shifts.