Industries we serve

Not for Profit


Not for Profits face intense competition for the mindshare of prospective donors and sponsors whilst ensuring that funds are directed to activities that are strongly aligned with mission. They need analytics to optimise campaigns, demonstrate impact to supporters and to minimise operational costs.

We draw on 20 years' of experience with implementation of projects for Not for Profit, across Membership Associations, Public Benevolent Institutions and Health Promotion Charities.

Fund Raising Effectiveness

Focus on fundraising effectiveness by tracking campaign ROI, predicting donor lifetime value, and prioritising target audiences for acquisition and retention activities. This approach ensures efficient resource allocation and maximises the impact of our efforts.

Community Engagement

Enhance community engagement by tracking volunteer recruitment, rewarding active advocates, and using supporter segmentation to target new online audiences. This approach allows you to monitor content engagement and gain valuable insights for refining your strategies, ultimately making a lasting impact in your community.

Track Impact of Programmes

By tracking the impact of your programs, you can ensure their effectiveness and success. Monitor project delivery against milestones and quantify the number of individuals helped, along with improvement metrics. This approach enables you to assess your program's performance and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.