Industries we serve

Health & Education.


Health Organisations and Higher Education face ever increasing pressure to deliver services with declining funding. The impetus to establish differentiation to drive new sources of funding is paramount, whilst ensuring that resource wastage is minimised. They need streamlined data management for advanced research to better drive market differentiation and analytics to manage day to day utilisation of resources.

We draw on 15 years' of experience with implementation of projects for Health and Education, across Government Departments, Public and Private Hospital Operations, Medical Research Institutes, Aged Care, Community Health, Insurance Providers, Tertiary Education and Research Departments.

BioInformatics and Research
  • Improve clinical outcomes by leveraging a wider set of data to understand patient risks
  • Support public health imperatives for virus surveillance by providing timely processing of data
  • Reduce the cost of research output by reusing and sharing data sets
Capacity Planning
  • Predict the volume of admissions to help plan resources
  • Predict patient flow to manage day to day utilisation
  • Monitor real-time utilisation of facilities using telemetry from sensors
Student Retention and Acquisition
  • Identify and intervene with students at risk leaving using Churn risk machine learning models
  • Understand drivers of student Engagement and Performance
  • Invest in highest yield recruitment activities based on Acquisition Targeting analytics

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