Industries we serve

Financial Services


Financial Services organisations face the challenges of engaging highly contested customer base whilst needing to meet a growing set of compliance needs. They need analytics systems that can process large volumes of data, in a highly governed environment whilst supporting Analytics and AI for customer insight and personalisation.

We draw on 20 years' of experience with implementation of projects for Financial Services across Banking, Insurance, Superannuation and Wealth Management.

Customer Personalisation

Enable the development of tailored offers that match individual needs and preferences along with providing relevant online recommendations.

Workflow Management

Workflow management can be significantly enhanced by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify customer churn risks through monitoring behavioral changes and detecting negative sentiment in correspondence or call center interactions.

Additionally, AI-driven automation can streamline document processing by efficiently detecting and categorising content, ultimately improving overall workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Risk and Compliance

Use AI to detect and identify non-compliant phrases in call center recordings, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

By leveraging Machine Learning, organisations can effectively detect anomalies that may signal fraudulent behavior, enhancing security measures. The establishment of robust data platforms enables prompt and efficient responses to privacy and compliance requests, reinforcing trust and transparency in business operations.