Industries we serve

Financial Services.


Financial Services organisations face the challenges of engaging highly contested customer base whilst needing to meet a growing set of compliance needs. They need analytics systems that can process large volumes of data, in a highly governed environment whilst supporting Analytics and AI for customer insight and personalisation.

We draw on 15 years' of experience with implementation of projects for Financial Services across Banking, Insurance, Superannuation and Wealth Management.

Customer Personalisation
  • Develop next best offer to match customer needs to services
  • Provide online customer recommendations
Workflow Management
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to escalate customer churn risk detected in behaviour changes or negative sentiment in correspondence or with call centre
  • Automate the detection of content within documents to streamline processing
Risk and Compliance
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to detect phrases in call centre recordings which breach compliance rules
  • Leverage Machine Learning to detect anomolies that may indicate fraudulent behaviour
  • Establish data platforms to respond to privacy and compliance requests

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