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Bringing together GL, ERP and Budgeting and Forecasting systems for a single view of financials.

Enterprise financial data is commonly spread across multiple systems, making it almost impossible to gain a clear, 360 degree view of budgets, forecasts and actuals.

Finance OneView allows you to rapidly bring together data from your General Ledger, ERP and Budgeting and Forecasting systems. This enables a governed, analytical foundation to provide a complete view of financials.

Faster time
to Insight
  • Onboard data from your GL, spreadsheets and other sources in a matter of minutes
  • Minimise manual processing time to create statutory reports
  • Near real-time, self service analysis
  • Automated Reconciliation across all systems
Single view
of Financials
  • Centralised repository of financial data
  • Capture all budgets and forecasts across multiple departments and branches via a single interface
  • Gain insight quickly, instead of waiting for days or weeks for reports to be produced.
  • Seamlessly integrate with all of your transactional source systems
  • Gain 360 view of your budgets, forecasts and actuals
  • Drill through capability to individual budgets and supporting transactions.
The need to ensure data quality from multiple sources via a cleansing process is important, and leads on to the need to distribute this data for use across the enterprise seamlessly.
- Gurkan Tasoren, Head of Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions in Asia

Our Promise to you

Finance Oneview brings together all of your financial data into a single location, building an analytics foundation to meet all of your finance reporting requirements.

Solution in Action

General Ledger Integration with Kepion
Enterprise Finance Planning
Property and Land Development Forecasting

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