Modern Data Platform

Modernise all aspects of the way you manage data and distribute access using cloud technology.


Respond to business needs faster with technology resources on tap in the Cloud, whilst preserving security and data governance.

Our team of experienced cloud architects, analytics specialists and data engineers will help you establish a secure, highly available cloud data lake and data warehouse that supports Enterprise Scale analytics.

Establish a single platform for integration, data science and reporting
  • Enable a Data Lake for storage of all raw data and for data discovery
  • Reduce the siloes between teams by presenting a shared data platform with flexibility for ad-hoc experimentation
  • Encourage a better feedback loop between teams that prototype requirements and the team that manages highly resilient data engineering processes
  • Establish best-practice governance of data security and access controls
Scale On-Demand
  • Leverage the power of distributed computing to speed up data processing and queries
  • Scale up resources at times of peak usage and minimise cost during times of idle usage
  • Provide high availability of platform services across regions
Modernise data management and analytics capabilities
  • Establish lower friction patterns for data engineering
  • Speed up delivery of data assets, implementing CICD processes to manage work across team members and environments
  • Implement Enterprise Scale reusable data models and feature stores
  • Expand support for real-time data acquisition and presentation
  • Tap into an ecosystem of advanced analytics tools

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