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Analytics, Data Science & AI

Use advanced Machine Learning and AI techniques for effective analytics.

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Take your analytics to the next level and increase the return you get from your data.

Our highly specialised team of big data engineers and data scientists will help you make more sense from your data, accelerate the development and implementation of advanced analytics models and guide the design of data lakes and workspaces for data science and research.

Increase Analytics Maturity

Increasing analytics maturity involves defining and designing compelling data products using Analytics Design Markup Language (ADML). By introducing statistics, optimisation, and machine learning, businesses can enhance capacity planning, resource allocation, and anomaly detection.

Enable Intelligent Automation

Implement intelligent automation by enabling data-driven workflows and decision-making, fostering a personalised approach to content and offers.

Harness cognitive processing to identify topics of interest across diverse media formats, including video, images, and audio.

Analytics Ops

Analytics Ops focuses on scaling machine learning deployments through the use of an ML Ops Framework, ensuring efficient and effective growth. By implementing tools that minimise operational risk and adhere to ethical principles, Analytics Ops promotes a responsible and secure approach to data management.

The use of a library of best-practice templates drives consistency across projects, streamlining processes and enhancing overall performance.

Overcome problems with your analytics effectiveness reaching a plateau due to a need to manage increased complexity while still presenting timely insights and recommendations to decision makers.

Take advantage of the opportunity to make significant productivity improvements by using data to drive autonomous or guided decisions.