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A single 360 degree view of your customer.

Customer touchpoints are commonly spread across multiple, disparate systems throughout the entire sales cycle. To gain a 360 degree, single view of a customer is either impossible or requires extensive manual intervention.

Implementing the Customer OneView Solution can provide the necessary foundation for marketers to exploit up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and optimise their channel investments.

Establish a
Single View
  • Bring together customer details from multiple sources
  • Keep customer information current
  • Segment quickly and efficiently to target more effectively
Gain Deeper
  • Predict future demand
  • Build a clearer picture of customer behavior and lifestyle
  • Know your customers better and address their specific needs
Up-sell and
  • Target multi-channel marketing at the right time
  • Market the right product when you know your customer is ready
  • Recognize the up-sell and cross-sell opportunities before they arise
The solution we implemented on Azure has relaid the foundation for us and for the first time we are able to have a single view of our customer.
- Branko Ceran, Chief Information Officer, NSW Cancer Council

Our Promise to you

Customer OneView enables a coherent view of your customer base.

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